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Derik Asmus - Base Record Largemouth bass 7.5#  6 Apr 2018
Derik Asmus - Base Record Largemouth Bass 7.5#
Caught on 6 Apr 2018
Suprise Catch Koi Carp!

Hermi Deabel - Beaver Pond Cat Fish

(Nov 2023)

Miike Milburn Nice 6.5 LMB
Mike Milburn - Nice 6.5# Largemouth July 2018
Madeline Howe catches a really nice Rainbow missing Redbud Pond record by just 1/4" (25" @6.75#), Nov 2021
Chris Howe catches a nice "Golden" trout a pigmented Rainbow trout strain, Nov 2021


TJ Head - 23 3/4" Rainbow at Redbud Pond 1 Feb 2021

Clark Baker - Catfish
Baker Catfish
Garrett Viguerie - nice 24" Rainbow from Redbud 
Gavin Viguerie and Dad
 caught nice stringer of trout 
Nail Sakmari Catches Nice Rainbow in Beaver Pond
Nail Sakmari - Catches nice 20" Rainbow in Beaver Pond
Nice Rainbow from Beaver Pond - Janette Ring 28 Jan 2018
Krup Goobers - LMB & WC (1999)
Hunt Moody - Largemouth Bass
Beaver Pond (1999)