Protected Species

There are several species on Tinker AFB that have different levels of protection.  For example, Texas horned lizards are a state sensitive species protected by state law.  Other species on base such as turtles and snakes while not state sensitive, threated or endangered have protection or seasonal limits under state hunting regulations.  There has only been one confirmed venomous snake (Copperhead) found on base it was located on the leased training area east of Douglas Blvd.  It is very unlikely to encounter a venemous snake on base proper.  In addition to reptile and amphibian species, migratory birds (i.e., most all birds excluding starlings, house sparrows and rock doves) are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  The best policy for base wildlife is to leave it alone and view it from a safe distance. If you have any questions or have a human wildlife conflict please contact the Natural Resources Office at (405) 739-7065 or 739-7074.