To Certify Record Catches: contact NR Staff (405) 739-7065 or 739-7074, M-F during
office hours, staff will arive on site for verification, outside of these hours or unable
to contact provide photos showing fish length and weight (ruler and scale background) 
and photo with angler and pond in background. E-mail photos to
for certification. Non-catch and release species may bebrought to the B-1 Natural Resource Office Rm 109 M-F durring office hours for 

Beaver Pond

Shirley Franklin 23 9/16" (11 Dec 2023)


Previous Record - Bruce Allen - Rainbow Trout 23.5"
(29 Nov 2023)

Previous Record - Rainbow Trout 23"
Caught by Ray Moody 2007








Jason Butler - Flathead catfish
50# 22 Mar 2022


















Jason Butler - Flathead catfish
50# - 22 Mar 2022




















Redbud Pond:

Derik Asmus - Largemouth Bass 7.5 #
Derik Asmus - Largemouth Bass
7.5 #
Garrett Viguerie - 2 Rainbow Trout Records
one at 24" and another at 25.25"


















Prairie Pond:



Primrose Pond:



Beaver Marsh Filter Pond:




* Natural Resources Staff reserves the rights to disqualify or certify all catches submitted.  Fish must be legally and lawfully taken in the designated pond in which it is being certified.  Refer to the Base fishing regulations for catch restrictions and the State of Oklahoma fishing regulations on legal means of taking fish.